Covert Escape and Evasion Kit with lock picks- CHAPPICK

Keep in your pocket to save yourself from capture with the bare essentials needed to escape being tied up, handcuffed, and/or locked away.

Lip balm tube:
- Covert tube to conceal the goods.
- Looks like a common lip balm.

Tension wrench and picks:
- Pick your way out of a locked room.
- Pick your way out of a padlock if you’re chained.
- Use the tension wrench as a shim to escape handcuffs.
- Use the tension wrench to escape zip ties by lifting off the zip tie tab.
- Made from high carbon steel street sweeper bristles.
- Custom made to fit covert tube
- Hand filed

- Cut through zip ties.
- Cut through thin metal, wood, or plastic.
- Made from a close quarter handsaw blade.

Glow stick:
- Use to help light up your escape.
- Use to signal for help.
- 2 extra glow sticks included as spares.

Kevlar Survival Cord:
- Use to cut through zip ties using friction.
- Use to make a trap or snare.
- 200 lbs breaking strength.
- Flame resistant.
- Polyurethane coating.
- 5 feet long.
- .036” diameter.
- Made in USA.

Handcuff Key
- Standard handcuff key
- Modified to fit tube
- Wrapped for added grip

Not covert enough? Replace my tube label with the label of your favorite lip balm brand.

*Not to be used for illegal activity or if detained by law enforcement.

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