Covert Escape Lock Pick set in a Sharpie- SHARPPICK

Keep this escape kit in your pocket to save yourself from capture with lock picks needed to escape being handcuffed and/or locked away.

Sharpie Marker
- Authentic Sharpie marker
- Can be written with (about 25% of ink still intact)

Tension wrench and picks
- Pick your way out of a locked room.
- Pick your way out of a padlock if you’re chained.
- Use the tension wrench as a shim to escape handcuffs.
- Use the tension wrench to escape zip ties by lifting off the zip tie tab.
- Made from high carbon steel street sweeper bristles.
- Custom made to fit inside the sharpie tube
- Hand filed
- Brushed metal finish

*Not to be used for illegal activity or if detained by law enforcement.

1. Remove cap and set aside
2. With a tight grip, twist and pull apart

1. Put tension wrench in first
2. Put in the picks
3. Give it a small shake so the picks settle evenly
4. Rejoin both parts of the marker firmly
5. Replace cap

*If the contents start to rattle, place a small piece of cotton inside.

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